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I had great success last week! I started out the week at 271.2 (TOTM and super bowl weight put me up about 4-5 lbs) and weighted in this morning at 262.4 lbs! That is 8.8 lbs lost last week!! Even if 4-5 was water that is 3-4lbs lost! Yay!!!

I am going to keep similar goals and add a few new ones to try. I have mastered the salt & diet coke so I'm going to drop them but continue to do them. I actually haven't even drank a single can of diet coke in at least 2 days.

My son got in a tussel at the hospital last night. He and another patient were calling each other names and stuff so he hit the other patient. The other one then hit him back and he got a cut on his head that was bleeding. The RN that called me told me that she had a discussion with him about whatever choices he makes in his life, someone else will always have something negative to say about it and he needs to find a different way to react than to always become so angry. Sounds like the same familiar statement we have been telling him for years. Maybe it will mean more coming from more people than just Mom & Dad.

This morning for breakfast I had a serving of Bran Buds with 1/2 cup strawberries, 1 sliced up banana and 1/2 cup 1% milk in it. OMG, it was so good!!!

Health / Fitness Goals ...
1. 100 oz of water
2. Walk at lunch unless freezing & windy (this week may be bad for walking)
3. Carbs less than 50% (new at this one so not setting it too low)
4. Work out 3 times by Friday (I know I won't on the weekend since hubby's home both days)
5. Weigh and post daily M: 262.4lbs,
6. 500 calorie deficit daily

Life Goals ...
1. One day at a time
2. Cross-stitch at least 3 times (can be done on lunch at work to count)
3. Finish weekend laundry
4. Make sure son's clothes are ready for Valentine's Dance Thursday night.... Awwwww!
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