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Default I would highly recommend you cook from scratch.

Originally Posted by janiebabes View Post
Would someone please help me shed some light on this issue....
I have drastically cut down on calorie intake (averging about 900-1000 per day) I'm female 35 years old, 5 foot 6 and 14 stone
excercising for 50 mins every other day and 30 mins walking everyday
I have been doing this for 2 weeks


They are electronic so its not like they are broke I just don't seem to be loosing any weight at all and I don't understand why.

If someone can help me please do!!!
Originally Posted by janiebabes View Post
I'm eating pre packaged meals with the calories on them so that should be right, maybe my body is just putting up a bit of a fight at the minute and clinging on to the blubber.

I will not quit, I feel smaller and my clothes are looser, but no actual weight loss..I suppose its all a bit of a "dark art" and i should stop over analyzing, if my body is shrinking does actually loosing weight matter, may be that will come in time???

I would highly recommend you cook from scratch. I saw a TV show on those packaged diet meals and NOT ONE OF THEM WAS EVEN CLOSE TO ACCURATE!!! All of them had tons of sodium, higher calories and higher fat contents than what was printed on the box, and in most cases it was significantly higher. I don't know if the same is true in Europe, but here in the States the regulatory agencies that oversee these things doesn't have enough man power to keep up with every product and the fines and penalties aren't enough to offset the profits they make catering to the diet crowd.

I also had trouble a time or two sitting at a plateau when I was doing everything else right, so during those times I boosted my protein to 40%-50%, dropped the calories by 100-200 and waited for the scale to show me the money. Weight loss = burn more than you take in + time. Another thing I can't stress enough is water, 64 oz baseline + an additional 8 oz for every 10 lbs you want to lose. Get yourself a water bottle and glue it to your hand.

Also you might want to increase the intensity of your workouts, walking is great exercise, but jogging burns 3-5 times more calories for the same time commitment. So maybe you walk a minute, jog a minute, etc etc. Get that heart rate going and keep it up there. And keep the workouts interesting, change it up weekly/daily whatever, and push yourself to a sweat as quickly as possible.

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