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Mike, watch for a FedEx truck carrying a case of adult diapers you'll need due to drinking a gallon of water per day and a belt to hold up your Big Bird britches. Promising no brown bag over my head any day this week.

Tori, best wishes this week, especially on your goal of not going to jail. LOL

Pam, I am so excited for you over your vacation to Montana. OMG, I LOVE train trips! I've been on only day trips by train and would love an extended one.

Kay, congrats on that half pound loss last week and best wishes on this week's goals.

Cassie, your "boring" description kinda gave me a chuckle. Did you mean boring to us or to yourself? You are so right to stick with them until you nail those goals because it's obvious you know that's what your body needs. On the sleep needs, all I remember and can attest to through experience is that it depends on when I wake during the sleep cycle that affects whether I feel refreshed or not. If I wake from a light sleep I feel refreshed. If a sound or alarm clock wakes me while I'm dreaming I do not feel refreshed from sleep no matter how many hours I got in.

Aspikes, wishing you a full week on the wagon. Hey, we've ALL had weeks where we crashed and burned mid-week. We know you can make it this week and will be cheering you on.

Amy, I KNOW you can get back on the wagon. I've been the same place as you and Aspikes--off the wagon and I'm trying really hard to get back on after watching my scale routinely creeping up. Congrats on getting the rabbit cage done. Looks like you don't need the adult diapers since 128 oz. is no challenge! Whew, I don't know how y'all drink that much!
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