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Originally Posted by almeeker View Post
I guess you need to ask yourself this question: You are going to have the skin no matter what, would you rather it be full of fat or not? I have similar issues, they've gotten a little better over time, but I'm never going to be a swimsuit model.
Even though I'm in my 30s I had still hoped I might be able to get married one day but I don't think anyone will be interested in marrying someone who only looks good when they cover everything up. I mean that wasn't an immediate goal but it was something I thought about sometimes. I knew at 300+ lbs that I wasn't very attractive to most guys I'd be interested in anyway but I thought if I lost weight I'd look better, not worse.

I really wanted to be able to wear tank tops and shorts in summer, but I now know I'll have to have t-shirts and slacks like always.

I wasn't looking to be a swimsuit model, just to look presentable, a human, not a sharpei, you know? I guess it's not quite that bad but it's bad enough to make me feel embarrassed about it. I wasn't trying to lose weight too fast, it just sort of melted off right at first. I couldn't control the rate of it. Once I ate a reasonable amount of food (1200-1800 calories) rather than 3000 calories a day like before it just melted off.
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