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Default I almost regret losing weight now

I'm able to move around easier, breathe easier, I know I look better to most people too. I know my chances for developing some horrible disease are much less, but I've run into a big problem.

My arms have bat wings on them, my legs have loose skin, my chest has loose skin on it, and I just think it looks horrible. I thought I'd be able to wear shorts or a bikini in warm weather when I got down to a decent size but I wouldn't be caught wearing those things if my skin is going to look like this.

I want to start crying because I wonder why I thought losing weight was a good idea. I was just fat before now I'm fat and my skin is like this too. Was losing over 90 lbs really that good of an idea if it was going to do this to me?

I'm 33 but I feel like my skin looks older than that being all loose and stuff. Will this tighten up or will it just get worse and worse as I lose more weight?

I'm only a little more than half way to my goal weight, so before I was fat now I'm fat with loose skin too.

I've looked into plastic surgery for this but apparently the surgeries available leave visisble scarring which I want to avoid if possible.

I'm really angry with myself for ever letting myself get so heavy that something like this could happen to me. Even when I get to my goal weight my body will still betray the fact I was fat.
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