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Thanks Mike for getting things rolling, even if it is 3 hours early. I guess you just had to be first in line .

I'll be checking in until Wed then AWOL for a week and a half. Off to Montana for cross country skiing via Portland. We are taking the train from LA to Portland, staying with friends for a couple of days, then the train from Portland to Glaciar National Park for 4 days and the back.

Tori, I didn't get around to mentioning earlier that I think your plan to move back home for a while is totally on track. It seems like a win-win for you and your parents.

Cassie, I too struggle with throwing perfectly good food out. The number of people who do not have enough to eat upsets me tremendously. But at some point I have to remind myself that keeping my belly full won't help those without enough to eat. And overeating will ultimately only hurt me.

To everyone who responded to my quandry about my over weight co-worker, thanks so much for your thoughtful comments. I think that when I get back I will invite her to stroll up to the local shopping center for lunch. I know she usually drives but it is only 3 blocks away. There are lots of choices there, good and bad. My favorite, however, is a wonderful grocery store with a salad bar, a deli with lots of good selections, and a sandwich bar that I rarely take advantage of, but it is tons better that the Carls Jr. next door. Maybe a walk up then we can go our separate ways for food, and a walk back.

I will try to check in a time or 2 before I leave (no cell phone reception, let alone internet there)
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