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Default 7-Day Motivational Thread starting 2/13/12

I know I'm a little early to the party. It's been so hectic that I wanted to make sure I got off to a good start.

Goals for the week:

0 eating past bed time
1 gallon of water/day
2 pounds
3 heavy lifting sessions
4 policies
5 servings of fruit/veggies
6 miles
7 days of logging and posting goals

Terri, I expect you to be dolled up this week.
Quinn, I'd like for you to check in and join me on the wagon (if you can).
Kim, I'd like to see some pics and vids from your trip.
mh, I need you to stick around all week.
Tori, You need to stay out of OPP (Orleans Parish Prison while in NOLA)
Amy, I want to see you up it to 128oz. of water. If I can do a gallon, so can you!
Pam, Your race is over, congrats. I hope to see you back this week.
Julie, I want you to hit your step goal. You can do it!
Mern, I don't care if you brown bag it just no bags over your head this week.
Cassie, Card for pediatrician... THIS week.
Ashlie, I'd like to see you here for 7 days and join the weekend warriors.
Kay, Same as Ashlie... 7 days hun, you got this!
Luv, I wanna see you hit that moon that you're shooting for.
Darlene, I want you to back the squats down from 5 days. At least one day of rest for your legs between squat days.
Mea, Weekend warrior for you.
April, Keep doin' what cha doin'.
Julie, 7 days for you. Rock it this weekend!
Lizzie, Did I miss your goals last week?
Joanna, I want to see some obtainable goals for you.

Did I miss anyone?

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