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Default I need Custom Food Nutritional help 16" Pepperoni Pizza no crust

I seem to have found that Fitday's pizza nutritional info differs from other sites. It also does not have a no crust option nor are there many pizza sizes available. From my research I gathered the average calories for a 16" pepperoni pizza slice is 342 cals I also determined that the same slice with out crust is 227 cals. I feel like this is inaccurate but think the figure for a whole slice is accurate. For reference a 15" pizza with meat slice is 412 cal on Fitday. The way I got to 227 cals for a slice with no crust was I looked at the cals for pizza dough/crust and subtracted from 342 cals(crust does not mean the little bit at the end of the pizza it was the entire bread part for a pizza, although I am trying to figure out how many calories it is with out the bit at the end of the pizza). It seems a bit low not only in comparison to Fitday but also to my other number, a near 1/3 cals lower from not having crust. It just seems off. Plz help.
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