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Default Add Custom Work out entries

I have a hear rate monitor that tells me how many calories I burn and often times it differs from what Fitday says. I have been able to log the calories burned accurately by putting in the time I spent exercising and taking the calories it says I burned, subtracting them from what I actually burned and then adding that number with the total calories burned. This keeps the "lifestyle" calories burned accurate as if you would simply add more time to a workout with out taking the steps I did you may or may not end up with the right amount of calories burned. It is a bit of a round about way of doing things that I have become accustomed to. I wish I could just add custom workout to the list of activities and edit the name and calories burned by left clicking those areas or even having custom work outs like foods but that wouldn't be as quick an easy as being able to put in an editable workout like I described.

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