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Default poor advertising choice

It was mentioned to me that this was discussed before I could not find a thread other then scam ads and that is not my concern, but this is...

I am suffering from fitday advertising frustration the last couple days. This last week I have been tempted by tim hortons lattes for my u.s. friends tim hortons is a donut store /coffee shop and a small flavored latte is 190 calories and then you are tempted by donuts and coldstone creamery icecream not really a healthy place to be encouraged to visit. I get we need advertising and I have no objections to diet and exercise ads or even healthy food ads but Timmy's lattes no thanks. Having said this they do try to have some healthy choices like fruit smoothies calories from 130-430 and some good soup choices but I am not sure if I want to see any restaurant ads when I am trying to make good food choices.

I love fitday and this is truly a great site so I wanted to share my concern.

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