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Originally Posted by Destinyschoice76 View Post
I just wanted to check in with everyone.
How are things going? I am doing OK. I almost totally fell off the wagon on Friday night, as I let my hubby order pizza and wings! Ugggh...thought I could control myself, but I ate too much!!
However, Sat & Sun I did not do too bad at all. I did not get a chance to log my food - so now I forget the details of what I ate. Today, I have done well again.
I know I need to do 2 things to help me:

1) Buyu a good scale! Mine is old and a rotary style, so the weight is not exact, nor does it tell oz's and I need to see every little loss for motivdation! So I must get a decent scall. Any suggestions?

2) I have to exercise! I wan to get back to the gym and on the elliptical, but it is not in the budget just yet. However, I could get a yoga DVD or something.

I have noticed that not being too hard on myself has helped me stick with it this time. Previously, I would have dropped off the road completely after falling off the wagon, but I didn't and it helped me regain momentum. Also, I am making small changes as I go..knowing that every good choice matters. It has helped to eat more veggies as a side dish vs. potatoes, fries, etc.

Tell us how you are doing and anything that is helping you?

Hang in there ladies, we can do it!
Hi Destiny,
I'm gonna try this again. For some reason my computer or this program is not allowing me to respond? First of all who could resist Pizza and Wings (YUM) the important thing to realize it you got back on your diet- so now you're stronger and Strong= SEXY!Sometimes having a cheat day once a week actually helps you stick to a diet longer and the temporary influx of calories boost your metabolism. I have a digital scale with a number read out and it keeps track of my wieght too As far as exercse goes I used to watch a good program on PBS called Body Electric which combined Aerobic and body sculpting exercises it comes on @ 730 so check your local listings Keep it up you're doing great!
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