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Pudding cups, I usually get the Kozy Shack "no sugar added" variety, chocolate is my absolute favorite, but I generally eat the tapioca, because it has 30 fewer calories (70-100 calories depending on the flavor).

Carrot sticks dipped in veggie dip made out of Greek yogurt (150 calories).

Apple slices dipped in caramel flavored Greek yogurt, this is a great pick-me-up and around 200 calories, with a whopping 14 grams of protein to boot.

Micro popcorn, Act II 94% fat free - usually the whole bag unless I'm forced to share it (105 calories).

Frozen blueberries in vanilla honey yogurt (132 calories).

Small handful of nuts, usually almonds, but sometimes cashews (I like cashews better, but sometimes eating them makes the cravings worse). What I really want is to eat the whole can, so I have to be careful with them. First I measure out the amount (usually 1 oz), then close the can and put it back into the far back of the pantry cupboard and get a giant glass of water. Then I eat the nuts 1 at a time and take big gulps of water in between, and I won't let myself eat the last nut until the whole glass is gone (172 calories).

Tuna with a little squeeze of ff ranch salad dressing stuffed into fresh mushroom caps, sometimes broiled, sometimes cold - it's an acquired taste (approx 200 calories depending on the salad dressing).

Oranges, I usually go for an orange when I'm really hungry and craving something sweet. There are days I could eat it peel and all, but so far I've resisted that urge and managed to get the peel off beforehand (62 calories).

I love anything frozen, so I've been making my own popsicles with all kinds of things. The best ones were with frozen sugar-free chocolate pudding, but the frozen chocolate royale Atkins shake wasn't none too shabby. I also love a good smoothie, and well if you have a little leftover that makes a dynamite popsicle too. And if you're craving apple pie, Dannon makes a fantastic apple pie Lite & Fit yogurt.

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