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Default Some words about binging & good eating practices

I've taken a long hard look at my 'binging' after reading some nutrition/weight loss books. One in particular I just finished talks about the eating habits of those 'naturally skinny' people. The biggest things I'm starting to see in regards to my eating in comparison to what the book says include:

-If you deny yourself certain foods, you just want them more...hence when I do binge eat, I tend to load up on all those bad foods all at once because I haven't had any of them in so long. If I were to have controlled portions of chips with my salsa (instead of the celery sticks I usually eat with it) or a scoop of ice cream now and then, I wouldn't feel so deprived and binge on it later.

-Eating habits: the book recommends eating without distractions (meaning no TV, don't read a book, certainly don't eat on the run, etc.) so that you can really focus on the food and how it tastes. If you eat while distracted, only half the amount of food eaten actually registers, so you don't feel like you ate enough, hence you want more.

The book also recommends putting your fork down between bites, that even the distraction of getting your next bite ready will take away from the experience of the bite in your mouth. I have actually started putting my fork down and really paying attention to the different flavors and textures (I've been having stir fry for dinner this week, so there are tons of different textures and flavors to really enjoy). It helps a lot to really concentrate on the food, and putting my fork down between bites definitely slows me down. I have yet to be able to eat without the TV, just because I live alone and with dinner taking me longer to eat (due to taking my time on it), it's hard to sit for a half hour in complete silence just thinking about the food in my mouth! But I have to say, these techniques are working to help curb those cravings to just eat and eat and eat.

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