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I'm going to second the popcorn suggestion. I purchased 94% fat free microwave popcorn, it's 15 calories a cup, so maybe 100-140 calories for the whole bag (depending on the brand), it satisfies the salty thing and fills you up for about the same calories as a serving of potato chips. Just for fun, weigh out a serving of potato chips, it's not very many like 7-10 chips, set it side by side with the bag of popped popcorn and let yourself choose one. Believe me you'll go with the popcorn every time because it's way bigger and it smells better. Another really good salty snack is dill pickles, they are 5-20 calories each and after I've eaten several and slugged down a bunch of water, the salt craving is gone. Another good snack for a salty craving is a 1/2 cup of fat free cottage cheese with 5 grams of grated parm mixed in.
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