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yunalee....great job keep up the good work...I know my rings even my watch and bracelets are too big my wrists have shrunk who would have thunk ,,lol
Also can't wear any of my dress shoes as they are even too big.
Have been keeping the thrift stores in the red since I have been going down a size almost every week it is better to buy there than a retail store until I reach my goal size (I am down from a 3x now a 14-12) goal size is 9-10.

change......great goal reached I also am not going to back track I can't as my life depends on it. I was diagnoised in July with auto immune related cirrohis (I have never drank nor did any drugs and only have had one partner my dear hubby of 36 yrs) but my thyroid and a few other health factors caused my liver to shut down and all but 1/3 of it is damaged beyond repair was scheduled to talk to drs about a liver transplant in January but because I am taking the meds . watching my very strict diet and doing everything they tell me too my liver is in a compensating state so it has been put off till I fail..and that is also why it is hard to excercise as I get really tired and they don't want me to over work my system and this is harder for me than changing the eating lifestyle as I have always been very active.But thru God guidance I will.

sdpony...don't get discouraged sometimes it does take our bodies time to realize it is doing something good for it. Keep up the good work and we will be reading the great results next Friday.

clarkslp...I love my bananas and as I posted on another page I get mine in by using my new machine called a Yoanana (read my page) they also help me to maintain my potassium that my body needs ... go eat your banana and enjoy it

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