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Originally Posted by 1fitchallenge View Post
In that case you should enjoy Peacefull Warrior - the main character is gimnast.
I also wanna watch Miracle - its about Ice hockey - did you see it?

Also on my list TO WATCH I have:
- Ali (with Will Smith)
- Friday Night Lights
- Never Back Down 1 and 2
- All the Rocky parts- I saw them long time ago but once again wont hurt

If you know any more about sports let us know
The Mighty Macs is a great sports movie. Not sure when it should be coming out on DVD, it was in theaters not long ago. It is suitable for the whole family as well.

One movie that I think is inspirational is La Vie en Rose. It is a foreign movie, so you kind of have to be ramped up for the subtitles, yet it is good! (it has nothing to do with sports.)
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