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I have found since going almost vegan/vegetarian way of eating that it is not necessarily the healthiest way of eating as most recipes do not omit sugar.salt and includes alot of carbs(pasta-potatoes-rice etc.)
Since I had to go on this lifestyle way of eating due to severe medical reasons I found I have to alter alot of the recipes.

So I am eating more of a vegetable-vegan/vegetarian diet which consists more of the fresh veggies and fruits no sodium or sugar and use veggie protein options it has greatly improved my condition and will be a lifestyle way of eating for me as I can not eat the way I use to or my health issues will worsen.

I have found alot of meals I enjoy and it isn't that hard to tweek them to fit my needs.
If anyone is interested in some recipes I have tried please ask.

I have lost from 234 lbs (July 2011) to 163 lbs (today) goal is to get to 140 lbs
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