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Originally Posted by lardpuppy View Post
I am addicted to potato chips. If they are in the house I'll eat them.
The easy answer is don't buy them, but I don't live alone. The wife
says she should not be forced to give up chips just because I have a problem
with them. She does not have a weight problem. How can I break this addiction?
Yes this is much more than a bad habit.

You are totally within your rights to ask her nicely, "Hey honey-britches, I've got a big hurdle to climb and I need your help." then just tell her, what a lucky man you are to have her, and that you are really trying to be a good guy, and keep to your diet but it is really difficult with the temptations all around and that you love being at home but when the temptations are there too it is just really hard to succeed. If you are sincere and thoughtful, I think any decent person should oblige.
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