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So here I am . It has been a year since I started my journey and I have been succesful. A year ago i bought a biggest loser food scale and joined a gym. I have athritis in the right side of my lower back an L5 disc issue and athritis in both my knees. My Dr. told me that a lot of my issues could be resolved or at least minimized with weight loss. So I decided to take charge and get healthy. I truly beleive we are all responsible for our own well being. I started out at 254lbs at 6' tall. I am now 203.4 and continue to skinny down. I definitely saw a lot come off at first. Now I am seeing a loss of about 1lb per month. I did it the right way changing my diet and doing a cardio and strength building routine. I continue to aspire for more. Now that I have reached my goal I want more. My new goal now is to get my 6 pack for the spring. I know that a lot of you have found success with a restricted calorie diet. Everyone is different and everyone has different goals but I disagree with this type of nutrional plan. I never followed this type of diet and while I have increased my protein intake I continue to eat healthy. The key for me is the gym when I workout I have absolutely no desire to eat anything unhealthy and while I do enjoy the cheat day. When it happens those foods that are not healthy really have no appeal to me. My philosphy is simple whatever i put in my body has to have some type of nutrional value it has to benefit me in some way nutrionally. I do not follow a low calorie diet my average daily calorie intake is between 3300 and 3800. Yes some days i do dip below 3000 but most days do not. I know i do have an advantage that my job is physical and i am on my feet and walking constantly and lifting heavy objects. But my job was the same before I started this journey. My opinion is you have to eat to lose weight. Quality is what counts. Starving yourself is the worst way to lose weight at some point you actually train your body to survive on less so when you choose to increase your calorie intake your body doesn't need it. By staggering your intake you keep your metabolism off balance and it can't adjust to it. I can appreciate everyones struggles and wish you all the best.
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