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Originally Posted by frenchhen3 View Post
Did he/she look at your nutritional breakdown on Fitday? What is your opinion? How does your nutritional breakdown look? Do you think based on what you are eating you need to supplement?

Once a month I look at nutritional breakdown on Fitday and supplement based on that. I lack in Vitamin E and Magnesium. The rest of my vitamins are on par with 100% or more of the USDA recommendation. That is just what I do.
Good questions.

Yeah, Magnesium is a BEAR to get. I've been on sites that state they think the RDA is too low at 400 mg/day. I try to get 500-644 mg/day. I take Magnesium Citrate when I'm running a deficit.

Lack of sufficient Mg is linked with heart attacks...

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