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What motivates me is reading/seeing all these success stories no matter how small or big the weight loss.

Knowing that one day, I, too, shall come here and post my story and success is really driving me to keep it up no matter how much I might crave something that I've given up that is really, really hard for me to give up. But I'm doing it.

I don't have much to go but it's still constant work.

I'm proud of everyone here. Great job!!! You should all be pleased with yourselves.

(And yes, seeing your face look good instead of like you just got stung by a thousand bees or losing that horrifying double chin, (I just noticed I was starting to get one...eeewww!) or even having a pair of pants you love fit again, loosely, are all great motivators to keep going.)

It's only been one week for me but I've lost 5.5 pounds as of the scale this morning. I started last Monday, cheated on Tuesday when I was frustrated being told I was doing it wrong, decided to go to what I knew works and began again on Wednesday morning instead of giving up.

I'm keeping a log of my weight as well as my BMI. Seeing those numbers go down is highly motivating.
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