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Default Back in the old days...

Originally Posted by claudiev View Post
Back in the old days, before WW, South Beach, etc., your mom's diet rule was 1000 calories. Well, I've done it all and I swear, at my age right now (57) I can't seem to drop anything until I get to 1000 calories. It seems severe to me, but finally the scale is moving. I do exercise -- yoga, weights, cardio -- and it would seem that exercise and 1400 or so should work, but it doesn't. There just isn't an easy way:-(

Ya know, I think the originators of the 1000 calorie statement were just smaller than we are today. So I am betting that for them, the 1000 calorie program was both do-able and appropriate. Not the case for most of us modern women

I remember hearing a similar thing about 1000 cals from my mom, so I suspect she got it from her mom. My mom was fairly small at 5'3". Her mom, and my dad's mom were both tiny, just about 5' and fairly small boned. If you look at the stats for many of the hollywood idols from the 30s 40s and 50s they too were small. Not the tall skinny things we see in fashion and much of TV today, but less than 5'4" with small, fine bone structure. Katharine Hepburn was considered very tall in her day - she was 5' 7.5"

Funny how these things move through the generations.
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