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Default You will find yours with trial and error

Originally Posted by MakerBabe View Post
So my chart says 50% carbs 33% fat and 17% proteins. Is this ok? I dont eat meat so I get my protein from eggs, peanut butter, nuts and beans.

I think the fat might be a little high? Im totally new to all of this so any advice would be awesome!


Hi MakerBabe,

The percentages in the pie chart are very individualized. Everyone's is different. You will find yours with trial and error.

With that in mind, then, some would say your percentage of fat is high; some would say it's fine. IMO, you would want to make sure that it's more "good fats" than other words, try to keep your mono- and polyunsaturated fat percentages higher than your saturated fat percentage. But, to be fair, others say that doesn't matter.

Many folks on the site have found that increasing proteins leads to better weight loss; again, that's very individualized. Protein does help build muscle, which in turn stokes your metabolism, so you burn more calories even at rest. Are you able to get protein from dairy sources at all?

I realize that this doesn't really answer your question, but that's because there is no one "right" answer. The best I can offer is: find out what works and do it. Find out what doesn't work and don't do that.

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