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Originally Posted by jennylou311 View Post
Why not let users enter a custom food and then share it with other users? I sometimes use another similar site and they give you an option of whether you want to share a custom food with everyone. I do like fitday because you can track nutrition better on here than anywhere else. So thank you for that!
If it were up to me, I'd allow users to share custom foods.

I've seen this suggestion before, but it's been quite a while, so if this is a genuine interest of yours, go ahead and start a thread about this in "Feedback".

I guess with the option to share custom foods via "FitDay Friends", FitDay feels they've got this base covered. In a way, they do. I can view other's custom foods, but if I want to copy it I have to enter the information manually. That's pretty much a pain.

But honestly, I've been on sites that share custom foods. And guess what? 90% of the times the Nutritional Facts are either half assed, or flat out WRONG. I know for a fact that middle and high school students use those sites, and *I* personally wouldn't trust any old custom food floating around on a database, not knowing who put it up.

So now we get into the matter of verification, having users verify whether a custom food is accurate or not. See how complicated this all is? Can you imagine what the programmers have to do to set this all up? As far as they're concerned, it's more problems than it is benefits. And in a way, I agree.

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