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Default Over 40 and trying to lose weight

Originally Posted by cmeag View Post
Any other formerly-fit moms in their early 40's out there who are trying to get back to their former selves? My goal is to lose 25 lbs by July 10th (my 25th high school reunion)! Not a lofty goal..should be doable but I'm really struggling. I am hovering around 150lbs and cannot seem to get lower.

The techniques I used in my early 30's don't seem to be working for me now! I'm doing 1200-1500 calories per day, and working out 4 - 6 times per week. I'm using the FIRM DVDs and also walking briskly for about 2 miles. With 2 preschoolers at home, I don't have much time for working out.

Have any other women in their 40's found a plan that is working for them? I've been at this for about a month and have lost almost nothing. Well at least I haven't gained. I'm getting so frustrated and feeling hopeless about getting a fit, toned body back at this "advanced" age!

I am also in my late 40s and I have to work hard to drop weight, where before it was pretty darned easy!! After a month I have managed to lose 7 crappy pounds!! And most of that came off the first week!! My calorie intake is averaging 1200 calories. I am sure it is hormone related. I suspect we need to seriously cut carbs and sugar in order to lose weight, but I personally will only cut carbs so far. I don't believe in eliminating grain products from my diet, as they are what feeds my brain, but I eat no white white flour, white rice, white breads, potatoes, etc.

I recently started exercising, so we will see if that makes all the difference, I am sure hoping so.

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