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Default Eat more to lose weight (up to a point)

I, too, have been plateauing for the past month. I've only lost a pound - which is very frustrating. I was weighing daily. But, that started making me crazy. So, I'm resisting the urge to do that and am committed to only weighing once a week now.

I think I've figured out some things about why I was plateauing. I think I wasn't eating enough. I had been eating about 1,100 calories (sometimes less) and for a few days I woke up light headed. Not good. So, I upped my calories to about 1,400 for a day or two and that's when I dropped the one pound (last week). It's weird to wrap my brain around the concept of eating more food to lose weight. But, it worked for me. I'm doing some calorie zig zagging now (different calorie intakes different days of the week) and I hope I continue to lose doing it this way. They say it keeps your body guessing, so you don't go into hibernation/starvation mode.

Best of luck to you in getting through the plateau. You'll do it. You sound very motivated about making the changes in your life. That's what it's all about.

July 2010: 216 lbs., sz 24
December 17, 2010: 180 lbs., sz 14
Total Weight Loss: 36 lbs.
1st Goal: Get out of the "obese" category on the BMI chart. Goal met. Yay!
2nd Goal: 154 lbs. - Get out of the "overweight" category on the BMI chart. Target date is March 5, 2011.
Final Goal: 130 lbs - fit into a size 6 "goal dress" I bought. It's an amazing White House Black Market silk dress that I stare at every day to remind me where I'm going.

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