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Default Measure all your foods exactly

Originally Posted by heytred View Post
Measure all of your food exactly. A caloric deficit, adequate protein, and moderate exercise are always (barring a physical condition) always, always lead to weight loss.
LOL....this is probably the problem. I don't measure hardly anything. I have been told that I am suppose to weigh even a banana and things like that, but usually I just enter it into FitDay as 1 medium banana, and so forth.

I do have a food scale, I guess it's just time to really jump on the wagon and be 100%. I don't think I'm actually off by much, but I guess an oz here and another oz there makes a huge difference. I'm gonna start measuring EVERYTHING as of tomorrow (well Sunday...I work tomorrow) and I'll see if that makes a difference, if not then I will try decreasing calories.

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