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Default Followed FitDay member's recommendations and increased calories

Originally Posted by kag123 View Post
So I still need help...I am a Female, 5'5" and 180. Was trying to keep calories to around 1200, doing 45-60 min Zumba, 30 min Curves, 20 core training and then all the normal day to day activities. I think I am loosing inches but dang pounds haven't moved for a while. Carb 45%, Protein 30% and Fat 25 % Average. Yesterday I started upping my protein, lowering my carbs and upping my calories to 1400 or so because everyone was telling me 1200 was not enough for the exercise I am doing. So we shall see how this goes...your thoughts on this being a good plan or not?? Also I drink tons of water!!!
That sounds good to me--give it a week or two and see how it goes. I bet the added protein will help but don't give up if it takes a couple of weeks to see results.

I have to keep reminding myself that this is not a race and that I spent many years putting the weight on so it's not going to go away over night.


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