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Default Everyone loses at a different rate and your body knows what is best for you

Originally Posted by kag123 View Post
Hi everyone I keep reading these post and keep seeing how many of you are loosing 3-5lbs a week and would love to know what you are doing...I have been keep my calories to 1200-1400, Protein is around 30 %, Carbs 45% and Fat 25%.

Zumba 30-60 min 6 days a week, curves circuit 3-4 days a week and then doing additional core or lower body strength training. (Zumba however has only been the last two weeks)

Protein in the AM followed up by some good old fashion oatmeal...and try to keep the carbs I am eating the "good" carbs. I am down 20lbs since Jan.1st which is good I know but if it was at your rate it would be more like 36-60....

Which at that point I would just be maintaining...Help if you can
Originally Posted by mecompco View Post
You don't give your weight, but if you'd be "maintaining" with another 20 to 50 pounds off one assumes you're not currently really heavy. The heavier you are, the more calories your body burns just keeping you alive (probably one of the only benefits of being more overweight).

I really don't do much different that you--I eat around 1500 cals a day (40/30/30 on average), walk every day and drink around 1 gallon of water daily. That's it--no big secret .
I totally agree with Michael. I am 139lbs over the healthy weight for my height. That allows me to burn more calories doing the same activities as someone closer to their goal weight would. So yeah twice in the last month I lost over 6 lbs in a week but the other two weeks (TOTM ) I only lost about 2 lbs. It all evens out and as long as it is loss...I will take it!

Everyone loses at a different rate and your body knows what is best for you. Just keep up the hard work because it is obviously paying off for you since you have lost 20 lbs so far. And they say (I have no true experience) that slow weight loss is healthier and easier to maintain in the long run anyway.

So what I do is try to stick to 1500-1600 calories daily. Go for 30-45 min walks that equal about 1-1/2 miles on my lunch break and 3-4 times a week work out on our home gym while the other 2-3 times a week I do some leg strengthening and increased balance and flexibility exercises that I found in a magazine. Some day I may buy some DVDs to work out with but for now this is working for me. I have also stopped eating most bread, no more sodas (even diet) ... (well sometimes one glass of diet with dinner), and eat salad every weekday for lunch with no meats on it unless it is tuna.

Good luck! It isn't an easy road but it is a rewarding one!!
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