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Originally Posted by Absentha View Post
Well, I guess I'm going through a plateau, because I'm not new at this, I already lost 10 kgs, but I'm just stuck. I have been going through the posts mentioned above (thank you!) and I will try to up my protein intake and change my exercise routine, see if that works. Also, thank you for mentioning the sodium, I admit I've never really paid much attention to it!
Excellent. I'm glad you went through our "expert" general advice and found somethings you can apply. But like I said, feel free to make your Journal public if you want some more pointers about your specific diet. OR, you can buddy up with someone and in our FAQ's thread there's information on how to set up your Journal for a buddy:

FAQ's/Newbie Q & A, How To's, Supporting Links & Tips

If you've never track sodium before, you'll be SHOCKED at how much you're probably getting. It's a real killer, diet wise and health wise, so I'm glad you've decided to custom track it (Food Journal>"Custom Nutrition Goals" tab>"Setup your Nutrient Goals" below that)

Best wishes.

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