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Originally Posted by oldlift View Post

I've read a few sites, that claim, in order to assist in weight loss? [if] it's going to? It may require 10 or more cups per day!...Frankly I doubt I'll drink that much. As such I might try the extract capsules.

Opinions?..advise?....anyone really know?

10 cups is not that much. Thats 80 ounces of liquid. You should be drinking at least that amount of water every day. Some of us here drink Green Tea all day in place of water.

I've used the Green Tea Extract. I think it's just as effective as drinking green tea for curbing appetite. I've used "Green Tea 315 mg. plus Hoodia" from Wallyworld, for cheap.

But I still believe drinking Green Tea is better than taking the extract, since one needs the hydration. You can do both, like I've done when I was trying to lose weight.

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