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Default Help?

Hello everyone.
I am definitely about to give up. This is horrible, I do EVERYTHING I'm supposed to: I exercise, I drink only water (at least 8 glasses a day), I eat around 1400 kcal a day, maintaining the 40-30-30 percentage (according to Fitday and other calculators, I burn around 2100 kcal a day). I stay clear from processed foods, junk, greasy food, bad carbs and so on. One day I might find I've lost 300 grams, the next one I do the exact same thing and I gain 400.
Now, I know weight is supposed to fluctuate a lot, but in a two month period, for instance, the final result should be positive, and it's not. The weird thing is that if one day I binge and have some pizza or whatever, it really doesn't make me gain anymore than if I eat healthy.

Do you guys have any advice?
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