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Amy, thanks to you and bunny for starting us up.

Pam, yeah, bunnies are smart to tell us to eat our veggies. I hope you get your post menopausal stuff ironed out quickly. Are you having any caffeine before bed--that caused me some post menopausal sleep disturbances until I got decaffeintated. Chemical hygiene? As in keeping test chemicals off oneself or what?

Cassie I did have a good weekend and hope you did, too. I was busy all day today doing our taxes and dealing with some other family and household responsibilites--and I'm reserving the right to say I had a good excuse for not logging on until now. Golly, a decent amount of sleep really is a necessity--we women are so bad at being martyrs for our families--and if we do that, we pay the price as you did for the past two week's "non-me" behavior. LOL on the "I will get it together." It's committed to your memory since you posted it here, so you can put your pencil down. Big hug to ya! I got a good chuckle out of you crossing your spleen for Terri. LOL

Mea, welcome! Your goals look great to get off those six pounds. You sound really committed to working hard.

Terri, so sorry 'bout your motherboard woes! Glad you mentioned it, though, because I just worked up a spreadsheet today and didn't think to burn it onto a CD. Would hate to have to do that all over again! Wow, good for you for putting your priorities in order and doing the "...well that sucks" and then moving on. WOW, CONGRATS ON ALL YOUR EXERCISE!!! I didn't think you'd have to grow and show pit hair for us. LOL Neat that the disc golf helped--I never would have thought about the low impact helping, but now that you mentioned it, walking is what gets my back feeling better when it's acting up. Nachos and beer are worth the little "uppage" for the Super Bowl, girl.

mh, best wishes on all your college stuff.

Tori, hi!

Mike, glad you won over the computer. I didn't have time to eat today, either--no cheats, low calories, but unbalanced. I'll set my goals tomorrow for Tuesday through Sunday.

Julie, great that your pumpkin flaxmeal muffins turned out great. I also use Bob's Red Mill brand. Lizzie might like to try that, too.

Lizzie, did you see Julie's recipe for her pumpkin flaxmeal muffins? I've got one, but mine are surely heavier because I can't have the flour or applesauce due to blood sugar issues, but it really does look like a great recipe! Loved your bra song. LOL!

Darlene, fruit and a protein shake is a wonderful breakfast! Did you enjoy your hike in the sunshine?

Ashlie, welcome back and best wishes on shucking those 18 lbs. Oh, the nail-biting...I absent-mindedly gnawed a pinky and a thumb today while problem solving.

Kay, congrats on being down 2.5 lbs. and on the miles you accomplished. Best wishes with your last course.

Luv, wow! Impressive 10 miles on the weekend! You're right up there with Tori, Pam, and Mike! Also glad your back is better! Best wishes on this week's goal tweaking. More veggies getting in on a regular basis is good! Congrats on that, too.

My apologies to the others I know I missed but my mind is tired and I can't think of who all deserves the mileage kudos.
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