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This is more a response to anyone truly interested in losing fat. First, it starts with 90% Proper Diet, 10% Exercise. Second, you need to adapt the mind set that food is a drug. Specific Macronutrients stimulate and prompt specific responses when eaten. Typically, any one who is overweight has 2 problems:
1. They consume too much food daily
2. They consume too many carbs daily.
Your body will naturally burn carbs for energy before burning fat. The quickest way to change this is to limit carb intake while increasing protein and fats (don't forget your veggies 4-5 servings daily). This will allow your body to deplete its stores of glycogen, enter ketosis and begin burning fat for energy. This approach has the added advantage of stopping the body from converting excess carbs to fat and then storing that fat. If you are interested in learning more about this topic, I suggest the following resources:
TNT Diet (low carb approach to weight loss)
Better than Steriods (Nutrient Timing)

There is a ton of science on this....
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