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The human yo yo is here and in for the week, I will be reading if not always posting as i can't keep up especially with the time difference. Obviously I am back up again and I'm not really sure why, as I wasn't THAT bad last week, but then I didn't log faithfully so maybe I was out on my calorie count. Must do better.

Darlene. Know what you mean about Uni, I was a single mum too through my 4 years and when the others were meeting up after class for a drink or to study together I was off home to pick up my kids and do al the things I needed to before the next day.
It was all worth it but OMG it was hard sometimes. So yes I'm with you advising Mh to totally enjoy it.

New bra, new shape. Bosom back in the right place, just like that song " bra lift us up where we belong"

Ok it's bedtime for me, not a bad Monday overall.
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