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Default Goals for the week

Hi everyone! I'm feeling pretty good today and ready for a great week! Here are my goals for the week, the same as before!

1200-1400 cals
80 oz water
Treadmill T-Th-Sat
5000 steps on non TM days
8000 steps on TM days
Weights and Floor Exercises at least 3 times.
Post here every day

Also, the pumpkin flaxseed muffins turned out really well I think, so here is the recipe if anyone is interested.

Pumpkin Flaxseed Muffins

 2 Cups White Whole Wheat or Whole Wheat Flour (I like King Arthur’s or Trader Joe’s)
 1 1/4 cups Oat Flour (I use Arrowhead Mills Oat Flour) or Oat Bran (I use Trader Joe’s)
 2 tsp Baking Soda
 1/2 tsp Baking Powder
 2 tbsp Cinnamon
 2+ tbsp Pumpkin Pie Spice (we like our pumpkin spicy, so some may like less)
 3/4 cup Flax Seed Meal (I like Bob’s Red Mill)
 1/2 – 1 tsbp Salt
 1 1/2 cups Sugar – white, brown or combo
 2 cups Canned Pumpkin (not pumpkin pie mix)
 Approx 1 cup Cinnamon Applesauce (I use 3 individual serving cups of applesauce)
 2/3 cup water
 5 large egg whites
 Walnuts or pecans as desired
First things first, preheat your oven to 350 degress. Making these is super simple – combine all of your dry ingredients in one bowl, and combine your wet ingredients (pumpkin, water, egg whites, applesauce) in another. Than mix them together.
Whichever way you go – grease your muffin pan or muffintop pan, than fill them up! For this recipe I made 12 muffin tops and 18 muffins. I bake the muffin tops at about 12 minutes, and the muffins for about 15. Remove from oven and let cool.

Welcome Mea! I'm sure you'll find a lot of help, advice, and support here, I know I have, it is truly a great bunch here!

Kate, great job on the 2.5, that is awesome!

Mike, hope you win the battle!

Hope to jump back on here later to catch up with everyone else, in the meantime, have a great afternoon!

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