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Morning everyone
had a good weekend foodwise and yesterday the scale rewarded me with a 279.4 , this morning was at 280.2 but i saw it...and it will come again. The fitness instructor at the ymca complimented me on my committment at the y yesterday...
I did watch the Jamie Oliver sure it eye opening!!! The kids not knowing thier veggies was soo sad but good for the teacher to not let it go..she taught them what they were..what I would have liked to see was the kids trying them.

Almeeker...wahooo ont he jeans!!! I bet that perked you up this morning!
Love the idea of sneaking your own popcorn into the love love popcorn,. but make it the old fashioned way. Not crazy about the microwave kinds
Speedyfair weekends are tough..glad to see you got thru it ok. Funny Ive alwyas made my spag squash as a pasta never just cooked it to eat it plain. Desertmountain Im trying to limit my red meats...once or twice a week is good enough for me. Mind you I had a burger without the bun last week and it tasted soooo good!!! haha..
have a good day everyone maybe the new thread worked..I was able to post this without cutting and pasting.
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