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I'm starting off this week at 150.5 which is down 2.5 lbs from last Monday. I managed make my goal of walking 20 miles (finished the week at 21), but I did not get in two kettlebell work outs, and time seems to be the issue. Unfortunately, time is about to become an even bigger issue since I just started a new class today and the syllabus has me very nervous. This will be my last class, and of course, I put off the class I dread the most until last. So, here is to hoping I have it in me to survive 8 weeks of statistics without any stress-induced binge eating. Anyway, I'm going to dial back on mileage to make sure I get in the kettlebell workouts which are short but intense, and therefore easier to work into my schedule.

My goals:

My goals:
-Keep carbs, fat and protein at 40/30/30.

-Plan and prepare ahead so I don't come home at 5:00 having no idea what I'm doing for dinner. (Which reminds me . . . I have no idea what I'm making for dinner tonight.)

-Get weight below 150.

-Walk 3 times this week.

-Strength train with kettlebells at least 2x

- Avoid panicking or procrastinating both of which will only make whatever is on my plate more difficult to deal with.
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