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Almeeker, if you can eat one bite of a good tasting food then you're a stronger person than I am. I find that avoiding them as much as possible is a good policy. If they're in front of me I can say no and abstain. If I eat one bite I need to have at least a reasonable serving of it.

There is the emotional side of it and the logical side of it. The emotional side was coming through in the post I made earlier. I wish I could live on all the bad foods without having any health consequences, and I know that nobody can do that, even thin as a rail people who don't gain weight by it can still be sick inside their bodies.

I was watching one of those freaky eaters episodes on youtube where a guy ate nothing but french fries for years and years on end. Literally he felt he couldn't tolerate any other kinds of food. He was very physically active, and so didn't gain weight from it. He said that french fries didn't affect him. When the show's hosts had blood tests done on him, it showed he was at high risk for a heart attack or a stroke, and this is what woke him up to his bad diet.

I keep hoping that there might be some artificial substitutes for some of the more notorious foods in the future that have reduced calories and health risks, or at least a manipulation of natural substance (like miracle noodles). If the food scientists can make lots of types of sweetener (the natural option being stevia) be low calorie or zero calorie, why can't they make more savory options for us?
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