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well i find the times when i take that one bite, it can usually calm the cravings.

like my hubby makes a pizza i tend to cut off a tiny piece for myself.

but it's abit challenging when the hubby makes these foods, pizza, poragies or any froozen toss into the oven type foods (mostly breaded stuff) when my programs doesn't let me have this stuff it's hard when we're both home and the smell fills the house.

the other times is when i'm out, the worst is if i'm something were food i like is near by, like a convinise store, or fast food at the mall. the bright colors and the smells really get me craving them.

the one thing i find that kinda helps is chewing gum, (which i should really start doing more off again) i usually use the bubblegum flavour dental kinda, so it gets that sweetness i crave for and aalso gets my body thinking that i'm eating.

if only there was that magical trick that would work for everyone
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