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Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
I feel like I need to make myself write, "I will get it together" a hundred times. I know I can do this.
LOL, are you going to write them in a notebook or a chalkboard? Just kidding, seriously where would you find a chalkboard anymore? I hear you on the "get it together" business, although sometimes I worry that if I do manage to get it together, no one will recognize me, myself included, either that or it will kill me. I joke with DH that if that should happen he's to put the following on my gravestone, "Here lies my beloved wife, she finally got it together and it killed her dead". All kidding aside, it's so true that for many of us "living healthy" is WORK, I really wish it came more naturally to me, but every day still feels like an uphill battle on the front line. This week my mantra is "I choose health", somehow that's easier to swallow than "I can't have this or that 'cuz I'm a fat chick on a diet".
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