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Originally Posted by Rubystars View Post
I wish I knew the answer to this. When I get hungry all I can think about are enchiladas, lasagna, pizza, cake, etc. but then I go and eat something healthy. Usually I feel better after that but not always. This stuff is really hard when I know there are much better tasting foods out there but I can't have them because unlike other people, if I eat them they will make me gain weight, whereas other people can eat them and maintain their weight. It's so unfair. Why can't I have a normal dinner instead of a portion controlled one? Why do I have to eat low calorie food when I could be having chili dogs topped with cheese, but then I know I can't have it because it will make me gain weight? It sucks!
In truth you "can" eat any of those things, you just should "choose" not to, and not just for your waist line, most of those foods can also stop your heart, raise your blood pressure, shoot your cholesterol through the roof and/or give you a stroke. Well I don't know about you, but I find the term "choose" easier to live with than "can't".
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