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Oh ladies, can I empathize with you on this one! One thing I've tried really hard to do is to allow myself a single bite of something that I'm craving that I know I shouldn't have, in hopes that it will chase the craving away. But I have to prep for that, I can't just willy-nilly grab a spoon and do a face plant. First I have to eat something healthy and acceptable (a piece of fruit, a veggie, maybe a can of tuna with mustard), then drink some water (min 20 oz), wait 20 minutes or so and then allow myself the bite, chew slowly and then drink some more water to get the taste out of my mouth, maybe even toss in a breath mint. Sometimes it's the fading of the after-taste that drives me to another bite and another and another - well you get the idea. Another thing I do is keep those Laughing Cow cheese wedges in the fridge. I don't know what it is about them that helps, but 1-2 of those usually does the trick and they are only 35 calories each. I think it's because the calories in those are roughly 30-30-30 so it covers all the bases a lil' bit. I also keep sf pudding cups on hand, they are about 60-80 calories each (depending on the brand) and when I'm craving something sweet, they take the edge off. Speaking of pudding cups and Laughing Cow I need to go shopping today.
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