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Originally Posted by frenchhen3 View Post
I did WW online a while back, maybe 7 years ago? I found it was too fussy for me. I also found that I didn't make the best food choices when I was on the plan and due to that, might have been why I was quite hungry most of the time. Not that hungry is a bad feeling, but I was cranky-hungry and that was aggravating for me. And that is what I was, very, very cranky.

Fitday is my hero. I love to click that nutrients button and see, "Hey! I ate really well today!" by seeing all those percentages in the nutritional breakdown. I have never eaten more healthy in my life than when I am consistently logging here on Fitday.

Great comparison. I think of WW as a good program overall, but it's kinda like a "dumbed down" version of calorie tracking. It's simple, and simple is good to understand and is good for some people, but if one really wants to take the time to educate oneself, like using the tools and resources here on FitDay, one becomes like their very own nutritionist. Then a marketed "diet" or "plan" isn't necessary.

Think of food as fuel for the body instead of feeding emotions
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