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Default Once again, learn to read before calling me out... for a second time in two threads.

Originally Posted by neurogrrl View Post
internalized fat prejudice and flat-out moralism here.

Picture the inverse: an unhealthily underweight person who doesn't find the time (or whatever) to drink all those protein shakes etc...

Although it is good to lose excess weight, judgment and shaming are not helpful. As a person who has been both superfit and obese, I see tremendous narcissism in the attitudes of people who work to keep their weight down. I suspect (I know in my case this was true) that the effort of losing weight is often supported by constantly picturing how awful fat is and how much you don't want to be that way. Surveys show that given a choice many would undergo all kinds of adverse events including divorce rather than be obese. Do you not see how crazy that is?

Finally, the evidence to show obesity as a *cause* of morbidity and mortality is pretty limited. Many obese people live long, healthy lives. Many others avoid routine medical care because of the way they've been treated and end up suffering from conditions that could have been detected earlier or avoided. Very few things in life are simple. Including this.
This is a story about me being fat (if you would have actually read through the thread you would have known that). I can "judge and shame" myself for it all I want for letting myself get that way.

Why should I picture the "inverse"? Once again, this is my story, I didn't have an issue as an adult of being underweight.

I don't care what surveys say I lost weight b/c I wanted to be in better shape, be healthier and look better... not because I was faced with a life changing even, such as divorce.

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