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Originally Posted by hollyhock725 View Post
I put on a way-too-expensive dress that I bought THREE years ago with the intent of losing another 5 pounds to make it fit "just right" well I gained. now i have lost almost 20 and am 10 under my weight when I bought the dress. Wore it Yesterday, and totally got checked out at the grocery store... by someone I went to H.S with and didn't recognize me, no less!
Now that is funny!!! Way to go.

Very nice thread idea BTW. So far the little things I've noticed are, when I put my elbow on the table and my chin in my hand, I can feel the bones in my face and in the end of my elbow against the table. There used to be a lot of cush there. I can also see the bottom of my rib cage when I belly dance for the bathroom mirror. When I lay on my side I can't stack my knees on top of each other anymore, it's bone on bone and it actually hurts. And my forearms are getting quite nice muscle definition in them, from the elliptical no less. I've also noticed a sharp decrease in the number of days a week I have heart burn, and my GI track is more on-track, I haven't take Imodium in weeks (used to take it at least 2X a week min). Oh and I'm COLD ALL THE TIME. Which might sound like a bad thing, but believe me it's better than dripping sweat from walking across the parking lot.

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