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elderwanda, you snuck that it on me, I didn't see it earlier when I replied. Congrats on making progress!

I have a friend with an autistic child so I know how unpredictable they can be. Why not walk the full way to and from school and what about carrying one of the kids backpack on the walk home? Carrying an extra load will burn additional calories.

Trust me when it comes to heat and humidity I understand. I live in south Louisiana, I'm not looking for near 100* temps nor 90%+ humidity. I also know that if I'm out there sweating my butt off I'll probably cut more fat.

I also have a problem with my feet (plantar fasciitis), it was such pain to even get out of bed. I ended up getting custom made orthotics, talk about an expensive chew toy for the dog. I used them for a couple years then got away from them. As bad as that felt, I must say that shin splits are just as bad, if not worse.

Has balance always been an issue? Have you had your ears checked? If there is no medical reason for it, you may want to try some Yoga. It'll be a PITA at first but will help you with your balance.

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