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that is so awesome that you felt so good at 200 pounds! I am the same way. I weighed about 204 at my senior prom and my mom recently said it's the best weight for my body being that I am just the way im built. that felt so good to hear because i like being a bigger girl. i dont find woman who are skinny that attractive. a lot of my friends think if i get to my goal weight i can be a plus size model and i would love that! i wanna show girls that there are more beautiful and healthy ways to be than a size 2. i wish plus size models were more mainstream because it is true that girls start to starve themselves because they want to look like super models do. trust me it is not worth it. i myself am a former bulimic and although i was still 175 lbs at my lightest. i looked too thin for my frame and it didnt look good at all. This time when i lose the weight, i wanna do it the healthy way. and i am definitely not losing 100 pounds like doctors wants me to because skeletal really isn't my thing.

If you would like to contact me my email address is I would love to have some extra support and give some in return!
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