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Red face what to do when bored that will actually help

Yoga- I do Christian Yoga since I'm Christian. Pray while you do it. Start with the breathing techniques and do some centering prayer. Breath in through your mouth, out through your nose and then in and out of your nose after that using deep diaphramatic breaths. If you don't know yoga yet and just want to get started- try sitting with good posture and breath in and out to the count of four- breath in slowly 1,2,3,4 breathout out slowly 1,2,3,4 and do this five times. Notice how your body feels while you are doing that. Afterwards say a prayer of thanks for your body and tell God you are planning to nurture it as it is a temple of his love.

Go get a yoga tape and keep it up on a grander scale. This practice will bring your mind peace, bring you closer to God and will prevent you from eating from impulse. Let God help you on your way.

this has been show to work through research by the way- I'm not a guru- I'm a trauma therapist that stumbled upon the research, slapped myself in the head and said "Oh, you mean we don't have to talk about feelings to feel better?" and laughed out loud- years of schooling wasted. Just kidding- my skills have purpose, but this actually works and I use it. Kath
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