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Originally Posted by crazigerl View Post
You forgot the huge armholes that are sometimes on plus size women's tops. Sometimes when I put the shirts on I put my head in the armhole.

If I shop in Juniors (which isn't often) I have to be aware that every top wants to show my tata's. As I have a natural winter coat on I can't wear layers. So while some of them are very cute nobody wants to see my old lady crack.
OMG the armholes!!! For years and years I did not wear tank tops, admittedly I'm self conscience of large arms, but it was more because the whole top and side of my bra was visible through the armhole. Yikes! I know the young girls dress to intentionally show off their bras, but in my day the entire goal of wearing a top was to COVER the bra. I just can't go there.

You are so right about the low-cut peek-a-boo aspect, and it does not help that I'm short, and hail from the land of "plenty". So whenever I put on one of those tops, it's a scene! Run, hide, cover the eyes of the children (and the husbands), here comes the jiggling jug brigade.... No thank you, it's too cold here in Michigan for that look, my lips would be blue for certain.

Don't sell your "old lady crack" short, believe me a dyed in the wool breast man does not care how old you are, they look and enjoy the show regardless. When I was a teenager I spent some time at my grandmother's house over the summer. She was maybe in her mid-50's. Anyway we spent a day at the beach, at one point we were walking along the shore collecting shells and whatnot, when all of a sudden there was a loud cat whistle. My grandmother leans over and says, "I think that was for you". So I slowly turned my head to see who might be whistling. Wrong, not for me, there was an older gentleman stretched out on a beach lounger waving at us. Believe me grans had (and still does) plenty of "old lady crack", and it never fails to reel in the "boob" men.
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